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Reservations and deposits

Our reservation policy is pretty simple as we operate on a first come, first served basis. If you see a space that interests you, contact our office with the date and type of booking such as;  a single ski space or an exclusive lodge rental. In order to confirm your space, a deposit amount is required and secured upon receipt of the full deposit amount. Our deposit policy also applies to weeks or spaces booked out as far as two years in advance.

If you are interested in an Exclusive Lodge Rental reservation, please ensure you have read and understood our “Exclusive Lodge Rental” section.

Please note that all deposit amounts are non-refundable.

Deposit for a Single Ski Space = $500 + 5% tax = $525.00 CAD
Deposit for an Exclusive Lodge Rental = $7,000.00 + 5% tax = $7350.00 CAD

Current pricing and final payments

Current Pricing with respect to the upcoming ski season:

Individual space is $2575 + 5% tax = $2703.75 CAD
Exclusive Lodge Rental is $36,050.00 + 5% tax = $37,852.50 CAD
Pricing includes: Lodge rental, (2) 212 exchange day flights, lodge meals, staffing and guiding services.
(Please note that additional flights outside of our normal Saturday day exchange operation are not the responsibility of Laughing Bear Adventures Ltd.)
**All pricing is subject to change depending on the year**

Final Payments:

Final invoices for the current ski season are sent out in late August, and balances due in our office by November 30th of that upcoming ski season. We reserve the right to resell spaces if final payments are not received by the due date, and late payments may be subject to a 10% late fee. Due to the nature of our business, all final payments once received are non-refundable. The policies surrounding these procedures are in accordance and governed by the Laws of British Columbia.

U.S. and foreign currencies will be credited at the exchange rate we receive from our bank. Please contact the office for our current exchange rate, and not one obtained over the internet. Our wire transfer details will be provided with pertinent invoicing, and we kindly ask that you make all forms of payments out to Laughing Bear Adventures Ltd.

Paying for your final invoice works two different ways:

1.  Final invoices under $10,000.00 payable by:

  • Canadian or US cheque
  • Canadian or US bank draft
  • Canadian Email Money Transfer (EMT)

2.  Final invoices over $10,000.00 payable by:

  • wire transfer (details provided with invoice)

Thank you, we appreciate your understanding.

Exclusive Lodge Rentals

An “Exclusive Lodge Rental” is where you can invite up to 14 of your closest friends to come and ski with us. This is not a self-guided or self-catered week, but rather a week where you create your own guest listing. This type of booking gives you the opportunity to enjoy our guiding and staffing services surrounded by close family or friends. With each exclusive lodge rental, someone from your group must come forward as the organizer and will be responsible for all communications between our office and your guests. The organizer is responsible for dealing with all payments inclusive of a deposit amount followed by the final payment, and each payment consisting of one lump sum. Final payments must be made by a wire transfer no later November 30th of your upcoming ski season, and our wire details will be provided with your final invoice. It is also the responsibility of the group organizer to ensure all guests understand our cancellation, trip insurance, and medical/evacuation policies.

The current pricing for an ‘Exclusive Lodge Rental’ is $36,050.00 + 5% tax = $37,852.50 CAD, which includes a deposit amount of $7,000.00 + 5% tax = $7350.00 CAD required to secure the booking.  Our office is not responsible for filling your week with guests, and the final balance is payable in full by the due date, regardless of your final headcount. The trip price includes (2) 212 helicopter flights, and any additional flights outside of our normal exchange day operation are not the responsibility of Laughing Bear Adventures Ltd.

Deposit amounts also apply to securing weeks up to two years in advance.

This type of booking is very popular and accounts for 80% of our business, so please ensure you have a full understanding of how it works before committing. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations:  All trip payments are non-refundable. This includes but is not limited to, inability to enter the country, travel complications, sickness or family illness, injuries etc. With that said we STRONGLY recommend you purchase trip insurance shortly after making your reservation with us.

Refunds:  Refunds are possible only if we are able to re-sell your space at our full listed retail price, and a $50 service fee will apply. We will try our best to help you, but ultimately you are responsible for finding a replacement. Refunds are not issued if you are arriving late or leaving early, and also not given for trip delays due to bad weather. Also any refunds, cancellations, or reselling of spaces purchased through an Exclusive Lodge Rental booking must be dealt with through your group organizer.

Bad Weather:  Your ski holiday involves helicopter transportation to our remote location, which can sometimes be delayed due to bad weather. Laughing Bear Adventures Ltd. is not responsible for this, and strongly recommends you purchase trip insurance that includes trip interruption coverage. We’d prefer things to run smoothly, but if this does happen, you will be responsible for any extra costs incurred due to the delay. This would involve guests not only down at our staging area but also for guests up at the lodge. We ask that you keep these considerations in mind when booking any form of travel arrangements whether it be ground or by air.

Waiver of Liability

All guests flying into Battle Abbey Back Country Lodge will be required to sign our “Waiver of Liability”. The execution of this waiver will happen at our staging area before you board the helicopter. It is very important that you understand the waiver, so please download a sample copy listed below, and read it carefully prior to your trip. Please do not fill out your downloaded sample copy as you must sign an original copy, which will include a witnessing signature by a Battle Abbey staff member. If you are not willing to sign the waiver in its present form, you will not be allowed on the helicopter, and will be forfeiting your trip with us without refunding. All of the guides associated with Laughing Bear Adventures Ltd. and or Battle Abbey Back Country Lodge are certified through either the ACMG or IFMGA.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

LBA – Winter Waiver

LBA – Summer Waiver

Drones and/or UAV’s

To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests any and all Drones/UAV’s brought into Battle Abbey must be approved by our office prior to your trip. In accordance with Laughing Bear Adventues General Liability Insurance and also Transport Canada guidelines; an SFOC licence with valid insurance would be the minimum requirement. We ask that you respect the wishes of other guests skiing with you and contact our office before bringing your drone into our tenure. If you would like to chat more, please contact us.


Cancellation and Interruption:
Before submitting your final payment please ensure you have purchased trip insurance. If your option is to forego, make sure you understand our cancellation policy. Every year we get calls from people who can’t make their ski week for various reasons and unfortunately, in a lot of cases guests have not purchased trip cancellation insurance. Our policies clearly state that all deposits and final payments are non-refundable. We will try our best to help you fill the space, but this can be very challenging once our season is up and running, especially if the trip start date is close at hand.

However, the good news is that our Lodge Owner’s Association has formed a business relationship with an insurance company called Lifestyle Financial Services. They specialize in the ski and sports industry and offer packages including trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. The insurance offered appears to be very comprehensive and covers many common reasons that people can’t make their trip. We feel the cost is reasonable for the coverage you are receiving, and the Interruption Insurance coverage could potentially cover delays due to bad weather. We feel this is key, as you are trying to access a remote lodge in winter conditions by helicopter…not all insurance companies will cover this.

Please consider protecting your trip investment.

Medical and Evacuation:
Accidents, injuries, or unforeseen medical conditions involving air transportation back to Golden will be very expensive. Battle Abbey Back Country Lodge is NOT responsible for any incurred costs and will be the sole responsibility of the injured or affected party. Please review your personal health insurance plan to ensure your medical coverage also includes air evacuation and ambulance transportation. Coverage plans are available, and we recommend talking to your health insurance broker.